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Our Story

There are several businesses throughout the world named The Bagel Bin, but the story of this one began in 1993. The Bagel Bin in The Enchanted Forest was the result of the expansion of The Bagel Bin in Columbia Maryland, which itself began in the early 1980s. Since 1993, The Bagel Bin has been Ellicott City's favorite destination for casual breakfast and conversation; and the torch to keep that tradition alive has been passed a few times, the latest in April 2019.

The spring of 2020 brought challenges to every person on earth, and especially in our part of the world with many restrictions on restaurants. The Bagel Bin was happy to do our part to keep people well fed and healthy (who said bagels weren't a health food?). With those restrictions, it was quickly apparent a short quarantine was really ushering into a paradigm shift, and businesses would need to adapt to survive.

The Bagel Bin chose to use the forced adaptation in order to showcase more of our capabilities. We have the best sandwiches in town; not just breakfast sandwiches. We make our own turkey, or own corned beef, and we use the most premium products available in the case we don't have the capability to produce them ourselves. Unfortunately, the bagel is still mostly accepted as a breakfast food. The Hoagie though; well that's lunch and dinner food.

Enter The Hoagie House in 2020. The Hoagie House was The Bagel Bin's Covid Vaccine. The Hoagie House started online and we tried to keep it as separate as possible, but as more people asked for cheesesteaks before noon it was apparent there could be no more separation between Bagels and Hoagies. In 2021, the two brands merged to become The Bagel Bin & Hoagie House. We pride ourselves as having the best sandwiches in Ellicott City, and are working on improving our products and offerings every day.

With the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, The Bagel Bin & Hoagie House can get back to what it does best, serving the best sandwiches to our customers through offering our own creative spins on traditional breakfast and regular sandwiches, a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for our customers, and forging a bond with the community we serve through community outreach projects and sponsorships.

The Bagel Bin & Hoagie House is not the final iteration of our restaurant. Our mission is to not be an option, but the standard when Ellicott City thinks of sandwiches any hour of the day. We’re working towards the goal of being a full-service deli making the highest quality cold cuts and deli salads ourselves. We hope to be the place you bring visiting family, the place for provisions before a pool day, your cure for a hangover, and a routine stop for high quality fridge-filling-fixins.